Fees and FAQ

$299.00 (if registered by June 30th)

$349.00 (after June 30th)

Q: How much can a two week seminar really help my student?

A: Math is a foundational subject that relies heavily on a student's background knowledge from class to class and course to course.  The two week seminars are designed to give students a huge step ahead by teaching the core concepts needed to be successful in their upcoming course.  When the foundational skills are practiced and mastered, this allows a student to learn new material much easier when new concepts are introduced that rely on the core concepts. 

Q: This seems high to pay for class that only meets 6 times - 2 hours a class - for a total of 12 hours ... why is the price so high?

A: At the early registration price of $299.00, this equates to approximately $25.00 an hour. This is half the cost of a typical hourly rate of one-on-one tutoring ($60.00-65.00).  

Q: Wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to send my student to a 'national' learning center? 

A: No...'national' learning centers typically charge in upwards of $75.00 an hour.  The instructor would not have the same credentials and the information would not be concise and written specifically for students in the highly competitive classes of Northern Virginia.

Q: I have never signed my child up for a seminar like this.  What happens if they do not like the class or the instructor?   

A: The focus behind the summer seminars is to get students ahead in their next math class, increase their confidence ten-fold, and to make math fun for them. Remember, I have a satisfaction guarantee that I stand behind.  I firmly believe that my methods and ability to simplify difficult subjects and break them down into easier concepts is one that works for all students.

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