Why use a proactive approach?

Math is a foundational subject.  From my experience in education, I know that when a student enters a math class feeling confident they understand the fundamentals of a concept, they can apply those principles into problem solving.  When a student gets behind in a math class, many times it is a result of a core concept that is missing and the student is unable to keep pace with the new information that is presented - I term this as negative momentum.  

The basis of this proactive approach is to teach students the core fundamentals of the subject area prior to their entry into the class.  Students will build foundational knowledge and their own gathering of 'fact sheets' that will allow them to be confident build the positive momentum needed to be successful in their class. 

Recently, The Washington Post explored this subject of momentum in confidence when it comes to upper level mathematics.  Educators Are Challenging the Idea That Numerical Ability Must Come Naturally.

A recent article in Principal's Research Review states:

"...algebra is widely recognized as the gatekeeper to  future educational and employment opportunities..."

 Read the whole article here

"Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics".

~Dean Schlicter


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