Client Feedback

Senior @ Dominion High School

"You made math seem like it wasn't work."

Junior @ Stone Bridge High School

"Well let me start off by saying that the seminar last year really did help, like no joke. It really made a difference in my math grade in Algebra improved 2 letter grades!"

Junior @ McLean High School

"You made sure we learned the information.  Your teaching and test corrections really helped me and made me want to do math.  Also, your enthusiasm as a teacher created a good environment." 

Sophomore @ Robinson SS

"The best thing about your teaching style was your ability to take a hard concept and make it seem easy when its not.  Of all of my math teachers, you were the easiest to explain new subjects well." 

Junior @ Briar Woods HS

"Chris was able to make math make sense so that, instead of  being mysterious and intimidating, it began to seem to my daughter to be as accessible as any other subject.  As a parent, it is is a pleasure to stop hearing, 'I'm just not good at math'." 

Junior @ Hayfield SS

"Report cards are out and (student) received a B+ in PreCalculus!  If you ever need a testimonial, we have no problem giving you one.  (Student) had the same teacher for math last year.  He is pleasantly surprised about how well (student) is doing this year.  I keep asking him if he needs a tutor and he consistently replies, 'No.  I'm alright",  He isaiming for an A this semester."

Junior @ Loudoun Valley High School

 "My son is a Junior taking Pre-Calc. He was getting by, but had questions and would go in early to meet with the teacher to get some help. All the other kids with questions were also there to get help and there was just not enough teacher to go around. My son asked for tutoring so I got a list of possible tutors and called a few. The first tutor we tried seemed to be ok until they started going over the study guide for the final in class and we discovered that many of the questions that the tutor had helped him with were not done correctly.  


With 4 days before the final, I called Chris O'Rourke, whose name was on the list of tutors provided by the school. He called me back immediately and agreed to meet with my son the next night after he was finished with work. The two of them worked together on the whole study packet for an hour and a half and my son loved working with Chris. He asked me why other math teachers don't teach like Chris does. 


Needless to say, he made a 98 on his Pre-Calc midterm exam, but more importantly, Chris helped to boost his confidence so he has done better the rest of the year on his own. Chris has met with my son several times since then for short sessions to go over things he does not understand. He is always very professional but very kid friendly and tries hard to schedule sessions that work well for everyone.  


I will be asking Chris to work with my daughter when she takes Geometry and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a tutor that understands math and knows how to teach it." 

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